Monthly Archives: May 2012


We’re living in a crazy time.

With each passing week, states continue to wage a war on women, on their health on their rights.

I gotta say, I wish I could call on Oya, the Yorubaian goddess of major kickassery.

She’s the goddess of rum, red wine,  witchcraft, revenge, pregnant women, fertility, rebirth and magic. She’s also the goddess of warfare, destruction, death, storms, hurricanes and rebirth.

You know what else? She’s a protector for those who need protection. She champions women and will stand up for them against oppression or people who treat women poorly.

On a whim, Oya can cause a huge natural disaster occur and absolutely kick the asses of anyone who pisses her off.

There’s a lot of lawmakers who are lucky Oya hasn’t come calling for them. If they’re not careful, maybe she will.

Image by Steven Gravel