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Guest Post!

The Jess Resides Here book blog let me hang out and write a guest post!

I talk more about rocking the world with art.


Operation Planned Parenthood Update

Buenos dias, mis compadres!

It’s an excellent day here in San Francisco. The sun is out. The buskars are singing. The news is spreading.

I’m so excited–it’s like the 4th of July!


The Austin CultureMap ran an excellent article yesterday about how I’m donating all my August royalties to Planned Parenthood, to help provide Well Woman exams to low-income women.

Currently, Amazon is a wee bit back ordered on Placenta of Love. This is great news! It means all the copies Amazon had in stock have been purchased. You can still order the book through them, and the purchase will still count towards the Planned Parenthood project. Of course, if you want to read the book RIGHT NOW you can also order it as an e-book for Kindle, through Barnes and Noble or through your favorite indie bookshop.

The news is spreading.

The project is getting bigger.

Together we can rock it, and fill the sky with fireworks.

Review and Giveaway!

Jess at the Jess Resides Here book blog just reviewed Placenta of Love. Which is, you know, awesome. What’s even better? She’s giving away an e-copy. Go sign up!
And watch Jess Resides Here for the rest of the week. She’s got an interview with me popping up, and I even wrote a guest post.

Can art change the world?

This is a bit of a long post, so I hope you’ll bear with me.

I’m donating all my August royalties to Planned Parenthood, and here’s why…

I believe art can change the world.

I believe artists can take their art, mould it, and use it to change the things that need changing.

During the past year, state governments have been taking reproductive and health rights from women. A lot of brave women and men fought for decades to provide women with these rights. At times, these governmental actions have made me feel like we’re regressing rather than progressing. This breaks my heart. Like, big time.

Planned Parenthood, a non-profit organization that provides reproductive health services to both men and women, has found itself in the middle of this argument. This is a problem, and not just because we’re talking about women’s reproductive rights. It’s a problem because Planned Parenthood provides medical care to low income men and women who otherwise would be unable to afford the essential medical services Planned Parenthood offers.

Many believe Planned Parenthood only provides birth control and abortions. This is simply not accurate. They also provide medical screening and a variety of treatments for conditions such as urinary tract infections. I’ve even known low-income people who have had sinus infections treated by Planned Parenthood during a visit for another health issue. According to their website, one of their purposes is, “to build a healthier world for a diverse new generation of women, men, and young people – both at home in the United States and around the globe.”

I can’t argue with this.

There are a lot of women out there who need Well Women exams who can’t afford them. A Well Woman exam evaluates a woman’s gynecological health in order to treat and prevent significant medical conditions like cancer. According to Scientific American, in 2011 Planned Parenthood provided 750,000 breast exams and 770,000 Pap tests. Both of these exams are a necessary preventative and diagnostic tool for all women. Without Planned Parenthood, there would be thousands of women who couldn’t afford these exams. This has been especially true as the American economy has suffered during the last several years.

Women’s health is a topic special to my heart. Planned Parenthood is an organization I believe in. I want to do something to bring attention to women’s health issues. I want to help women who need health care but can’t afford it. I want to support Planned Parenthood. And I expect I’m not alone.

I don’t have a lot. I’m a writer and a busker, and neither of these professions are notorious for bringing in massive amounts of wealth. But I do have a book called Placenta of Love for which I receive royalties every month. I want to use my art, my book, to do some good in the world. Besides, it’s a book about a giant placenta—how could this be any more perfect?

As previously mentioned, during the month of August, the month during which Women’s Equality Day lands, I will donate my royalties from Placenta of Love to Planned Parenthood. These funds will be used to provide Well Women exams to low-income women. This means I will donate all the money I make for every copy of my book sold during August. I want to send Planned Parenthood a lot of money, and I can’t do it alone. There’s several ways to support this project.

  • You can buy a paper or e-copy of Placenta of Love from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or through your favorite indie bookshop.
  • You can tell your friends that if they buy the book starring a giant placenta, they’ll be helping Planned Parenthood.
  • You can blog, tweet or post on Facebook about this project.

I’ll also be doing some other fundraising activities on my blog throughout the month, so keep an eye out for other ways to support this project.

You have my biggest thanks, for reading and being supportive.