Monthly Archives: November 2011

we come from the past

I’ve been a bad blogger. Bad.

A lot has happened in the last six weeks.

My busking act died when half my act left with the neighbor’s dog.

I started creating a new busking act. With a live human partner even!

I heard World Fantasy Convention is the best professional convention for writer sorts like me to go to, so I went. What an amazing convention! I met all kinds of wild and wonderful writers and editors and other speculative fiction industry folk. I also briefly met Neil Gaiman. We were in a hot tub full of green Jell-O, which made me miss Utah, but only a little. Neil Gaiman seemed tired, though incredibly lovely and kind. His wife, Amanda Palmer, is hot. Even in green Jell-O.

I came home from the con and got sick. I hear this is normal.

I worked on my new busking act some more.

I fought no crime. It’s impossible to fight crime when hacking and sneezing and feverish.

Then my first book came out. There was squeeing.

Then I went to BizarroCon, which was OFF THE HOOK. I’ve heard BizarroCon was the best con. I thoroughly enjoyed World Fantasy, but BizarroCon was AMAZEBALLS! Lots of awesome people doing fantastic, crazy-creative things at the gorgeous Edgefield Manor in Troutdale, Oregon. There was delicious food and beer. I made wonderful new friends. My book was officially released. I did a reading/performance, which I shall tell you all about soon. I sat on a panel. Did I say I made new friends? INSANE.

And then I got sick. Again. Just a few days after finally recovering from the FIRST cold I caught at World Fantasy. They weren’t lying when they said you got sick at cons as a matter of course.

But now I’m home, recovering. Still not fighting crime. (See above comment about hacking and sneezing.) Still figuring out my busking act. And figuring out what I will write next.

More detailed posts to come.