Interview with Michael Allen Rose

This is the final interview in my New Bizarro Author Series 2011-2012 interview series. For the past two months, I’ve posted interview outtakes on Bizarro Central from each of the interviews I’ve conducted with the seven other New Bizarro Authors, and then posted the rest of the interviews here on my blog.

I’ve had a wonderful time getting to know my fellow NBAers, and sharing these interviews with you. Each of them is a fascinating person who has written an awesome book. Now, for this last interview, I have a little something extra special.

In the past, I’ve conducted my New Bizarro Author Series interviews via email. This time I was lucky enough to sit down with the immensely creative and multi-talented Michael Allen Rose, author of Party Wolves in Your Skull. During the interview, Michael had several very interesting guests arrive.

Believe me, I’ve learned my lesson about interviewing Bizarro authors in person – you never know if the “characters” from their book might show up.

The first half of this interview was posted yesterday at Bizarro Central

At the end of yesterday’s portion of the interview, the party wolves were asking where their cut of the book’s royalties were and if authors were fast runners…

Spike: So, party wolves. Do you still live with Norman, or have you moved on?

Sophie: We still consider Norman our home base, but we’ve been travelling a lot.

Cooter: We’re roaming, seeing the world. You know how it is, Spike. You saw us a few weeks ago on the coast at that bar where Smitty offered to let your placenta hang out on his face.

Spike: I thought you looked familiar. It’s hard to recognize you without all the pot smoke. You know, Jiji the cat from Placenta of Love won’t stop talking about you.

Smitty: That offer never expires, just so you know.

Spike: Er, thanks.

Smitty: Also, I’m a big fan of ‘spankies’ myself.

Spike: Hey, who’s not?

Sophie: We keep coming back over to Michael’s house for our weekly book club meetings, when we’re not on the road.

Spike: Right. I’ve read some of those awesome reviews on Michael’s blog. I just didn’t realize they were… for real. For those interested in having their own party wolf infestation, how do you attract a pack?

Michael: I would highly recommend you avoid it at all costs.

Spike: And I’m beginning to understand why.

Rex: Meat.

Michael: But… if you really want to attract a pack. Lay out a trail of munchies. Salty snacks and the like. Or video games. Pretty much anything that attracts your average drunken college boy will bring a group of party wolves.

Sophie: I resent that.

Michael: Put out a post-feminist book of poetry or something too.

Sophie: Thank you.

Michael: Just make sure you have a vacancy. You don’t want them drilling their own.

Spike: Michael, the one that looks like the Fonz is giving your threatening looks. Maybe we should wrap things up. Any last words?

Michael: Sure! The book was enormously fun to write, and people seem to be enjoying it a lot. Reviews  their imprints… reads at break-neck speed and refuses to quit… a joy ride into the absurd that is grounded in great relationships and fantastic writing… a ton of heart and tight, well-crafted storytelling… all of which made me blush. I really appreciate each and every reader, and I appreciate you taking the time for this interview!

Smitty: Is Jiji single?

Cooter: Did you bring any snack-cakes?

Rex: Or jerky?

Spike: Well, you’re welcome to check out the kitchen while I confirm a few things with Mich–

Upon this invitation, the party wolves raided my kitchen, leaving what looked like a Japanese disaster movie in their wake.

My apartment and apartment building still smells like weed. I see tracers everywhere I look.  I’m going to be thinking about the party wolves for a long time to come.




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