Party Wolves in My Skull by Michael Allen Rose

Norman Spooter has a problem: his eye balls have popped out of his head and are escaping to North Dakota to elope. And now five party wolves have moved into his cranium, left vacant by Norman’s eyes.

Zoe also has a problem: she’s engaged to an abusive, crazy boyfriend, who is also a walrus, and now she’s on the run. Oh, yeah, there’s also something seriously wrong with her feet.

Luckily, Norman and Zoe (and, of course, the party wolves) come together and go searching for Norman’s eyeballs, having an insane adventure along the way, complete with a strange hotel like something out of the Twilight Zone, if TZ were written by a Dadaist; a crazy town where anything can marry anything; and a psychotic, dangerous cult. Oh, and the walrus – you haven’t seen the last of him.

Will Norman and Zoe make it out alive? Of course they will – they’ve got the party wolves.

Michael Allen Rose’s debut novel is a sweet adventure, road trip novel with a heavy dollop of the hero’s journey thrown in. But this sweetness is balanced out by the party wolves – a wild pack of partying, frisky, crazy anthropomorphic wolves who love a good time, and a good joint. Don’t assume, however, that the party wolves have no depth. They have plenty of depth and plenty of heart.

Party Wolves in My Skull is a fun, entertaining adventure that will make you wish you had your own party wolves renting out your skull. They make great company, they’ll get you out of trouble, and they’re very responsible about paying their rent.

I hope Michael Allen Rose has a long, long writing career. I can’t wait to read what he writes next.

Party Wolves in My Skull is available at, Barnes and Noble, and through your favorite independent bookstore.




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