Gigantic Death Worm by Vince Kramer

Gigantic Death Worm takes place at an Arizonian ski resort where the hero can magically pull McDonald’s cheeseburgers and booze out of thin air and bears attack by spitting wolves. It’s 2012 and and Dave must save Phoenix from the Gigantic Death Worm who threatens to destroy… well, probably everything.

Dave isn’t alone in his quest, in addition to a veterinarian and his newly worm-headed girlfriend, he’s also hooked up with Ponce de Leon II (yes, descended from that Ponce de Leon) and a band of Mexican Ninjas who have mastered the art of sombrero-fu.

Does Dave succeed? Does the world survive past 2012? Are Ross and Rachel from Friends going to get together, break up and get together again?

Truly, Gigantic Death Worm’s strength lies in author Vince Kramer’s humor. Particularly, relevant to Gen Xers (though totally applicable to anyone who likes to hang out for an hour and laugh), who grew up on the 80s music mentioned in the book and came of age during Friends’ heyday, this book is one of those books you can see translated into one of those hilariously ridiculous farces so popular in the 80s, and into the 90s. In fact, I’m pretty sure Ponce de Leon II could have been played by Leslie Nielson.

Give Vince Kramer a shot – the world of Bizarro humor is young. Kramer is sure to inspire and broaden this niche.


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