My Review of A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space by S.D. Foster

How can I describe S.D. Foster’s A Hollow Cube is a Lonely Space?

I can say this is what happens when Bizarro gets literary.

I can tell you that this a collection of twenty-three short stories, lovingly crafted, expertly told with a feel for language, rhythm and a definite literary arch.

I can say, “Share this with your friends who consider their tastes to be more ‘literary’ – you’ll get them hooked.”

Or I can say, “This is a great bedtime book – twenty-three short tales to open the gates to dreamland.”

Or perhaps, “This is seriously weird stuff. In a seriously awesome way.”

I could also tell you about the stories themselves. How strange they are – fantastically strange. Within this book, you will follow the natural cycle of a clementine’s life, watch how a snowman can break up a relationship, how dolls can care for a dying human child, what really happened to Santa Claus and why those hot ladies from your Happy Meal aren’t the best relationships. You’ll read about characters who see death, and accept it; characters who much grow up and embrace independence, individuality and adulthood – who must embrace life, and who do so, no matter the cost.

I can also say this: A Hollow Cube is a brave book, touching on those things that scare us the most, and bring us the most joy. It’s a self-aware book, which shouldn’t be mistaken for self-conscious. Foster knows his mind and his heart, and therefore knows the mind and heart of much of humanity. And he knows how to hold up the mirror and show us those feelings and fears that lie deep within us all.

Perhaps most importantly I should tell you this book is entertaining. I laughed, my jaw dropped, my eyes bugged out of my head. Foster wrote a book I loved reading.

I’ll end by telling you this: I think you’d love it, too.


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