Athena’s Promise

I checked out Annetta Ribken’s Athena’s Promise last winter. It’s a totally tasty urban fantasy with fun characters and lots of attitude.

I even wrote a review for it:

Athena’s Promise is a paranormal wonder of a book.

Pallas is the front desk manager at a hotel that serves a very special clientele — the majority of the guests are supernatural creatures. After one of the guests turns up stone cold dead, Pallas takes it upon herself to take care of the hotel and its workers. In the process of solving the murder and protecting the hotel she considers home, Pallas wrangles with the usual mythological creatures. However, Ribken has made the creatures her own in a fun and memorable way. Womanizing bling-laden centaurs, anyone?

Athena’s Promise hits all the right marks. The characters are fantastic — quirky, charming and real; the setting is believable; the romance is steamy in all the right ways; the plot is compelling and the pages turn as fast as my eyes can read. Especially wonderful is the narrative voice, and the book’s intrinsic humor and sense of fun.

My biggest complaint is that the sequel, Athena’s Chains, isn’t out yet. It’s probably best it’s not — I’d skip work and spend the day reading it.

Paranormal and supernatural fans rejoice! A new heroine is in town, and so far, she’s my fave.

Annetta relinked to the book trailer today. It’s sweet.

But not as sweet as the sequel should be.


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