Interview with Constance Ann Fitzgerald

Constance Ann Fitzgerald is a smart lady who wields a mean pen. Her first book, Trashland A Go-Go, is beloved by readers, reviewers and me.

An outtake from this interview was posted at Bizarro Central yesterday.

Coco, the heroine of Trashland a Go-Go has a pseudo sidekick in Rudy the fly. Would you tell us about your awesome sidekick, real or imagined?

I don’t think I have a sidekick. If I could design one it would probably be a lot like Brian from Family Guy– Snuggly, dog-like, sarcastic, intelligent with a taste for booze. But he/she should probably look like that dog Boo. I’m kind of in love with his fuzzy face.

But I’d settle for a robot. Or Data from Star Trek: TNG.

What is Rudy’s favorite pornographic magazine and why?

He has two: Asian Babes & Perfect 10 – because everyone loves a hot Asian girl (I hope to be reincarnated as one) and he likes natural breasts.

Constance, you just visited the Oracle from your book. She does a reading for you. What body parts does she poke at and what does she foresee for you?

I WISH I that I could tell you! What the Oracle shares with me is meant for only me. You aren’t supposed to share her visions. But I CAN tell you it’s some pretty good shit.

Coco’s pretty handy with her teeth, stilettos and broken glass. What’s your weapon of choice?

The Frost. If I don’t want someone around it’s pretty obvious. It usually keeps the enemy at bay without resorting to physical violence.

…but when all else fails, a baseball bat wrapped with razor wire will get the job done.

You’ve just ended up in Trashland. How did you get there and what awesome outfit do you cobble together from what you’ve found?

The trash bag dress is a classic. It’s the LBD (Little Black Dress) of Trashland.

I probably fell asleep drunk in the dumpster too. I would have climbed in there and been all “Oh! Something shiny and FREE!” or “These donuts are only a day old!”

One of the reasons Coco rocks Trashland is because of her grit, an admirable and desirable trait. What trait do you have that helps you rock the universe?

I’d have to say my OWN grit. That bitch gets it from somewhere.

She’s kind of biting my style.

This book has definite flavors of Alice in Wonderland with a dash of The Wizard of Oz. Are there any specific books you read when you were young that have impacted you as a writer?

When I WAS young?! What are you trying to say?!

I read James and the Giant Peach and Witches about a million times as a kid. Had I only known how much Roald Dahl hated children, I might have viewed the stories differently then. He basically used his stories to take out his aggression on something he hated.

So, I guess I took more from him than I realized.

Where the Sidewalk Ends was always a favorite and I devoured the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” series, too. The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out…

Come back Friday when we’ll post some of Constance’s fiction, especially for you.

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