Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s Trashland A Go-Go

Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s Trashland A Go-Go is part Alice in Wonderland, part Wizard of Oz, and all attitude.

Coco is an erotic dancer at the Snatch Hausen, a seedy venue that sells sausages and sexy girls to its grungy clientele.

One night, Coco’s nemesis greases the Snatch Hausen’s dancing pole, resulting in Coco flying from the stage into a jumble of Aquanetted curls and smoking flesh.

Coco’s boss thinks Coco’s dead. He tosses into a garbage dump, sending Coco’s body on her way.

Unfortunately, Coco is alive and wakes in Trashland, a smelly, yet wonderful, mixture of Wonderland and Oz. Accompanied by Rudy, the porn-loving fly, and Adrien, Coco’s “… knight in garbage armor,” and with the help of the Oracle, the meat-reading fortune teller, Coco fights her way through garbage, dirt and piles of shit (literally) in an attempt to find her way home. However, in the process, Coco finds something even better.

Constance Ann Fitzgerald is a rocking writer who honed her mad writing skills writing vignettes about the creeps who frequented her place of employment (a sex shop). Her experience writing about such dodgy characters shines through in Trashland A Go-Go. The characters are vibrant, the narrative is sharp and funny, and the awesome that is Constance shines through.

My only problem with Trashland is that I want a follow-up. Like, stat.

I’ll have to satiate myself with Constance’s story, “Stadium Attire,” over at His Cock is Money. That will do, for now.


One thought on “Constance Ann Fitzgerald’s Trashland A Go-Go

  1. Rikki Rooney Jr. February 8, 2012 at 6:27 AM Reply

    can’t wait to get my hands on this book

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