Malkor X Strikes Again

I was trying to decide whether or not I should post about it; I don’t want my blog to be a downer all the time. I want to write about fun, uplifting topics. I want to be entertaining. I want readers to come here, knowing they’ll leave with a smile on their faces. There’s too much sadness in the world. I don’t want to contribute to that.

Still, I want to be honest, and as I’ve said before, I want to keep it real.

I was busking in the Mission again recently when the Mommy showed up. She was wearing her usual stiletto pink and black leopard print heels, acid washed pants and Mommy Power! pink chic-cut shirt. Her hair was up and her earrings dangled. Her makeup was perfect.

I looked like I usually do, like I’d been busking all afternoon.

So the Mommy came along and started ripping the Mission up, as she does. I quickly removed the strings from my guitar and pounced. The pouncing went pretty well — the weightlifting and exercising helps, I think.

Anyway, I pounced and quickly tied her up, using lots of square knots. She screamed and carried on, as she does. She said the Baby would come and kick my ass. Stuff like that.

I pulled out my wanna-be smart phone and called the police so they could take the Mommy away.

But then Malkor X showed up. He threw me several feet, untied the Mommy and took her “Downtown.”

You can read about it at his blog, which he just started. (Jeez. Does EVERYONE have a blog these days?)

What a downer. I think I need to make a pan of microwave fudge.


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